Michael Caine – 10 Rules to Live By

  1. Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.
  2. I think life has got to develop as you get older, and I don’t want to be wandering along doing the same old thing. I want more out of life.
  3. My problem was that I was blond. There were no heroes with blond hair. Robert Taylor and Henry Fonda, they all had dark hair. The only one I found was Van Johnson, who wasn’t too cool. He was a nice, homely American boy. So I created my own image. It worked.
  4. I come from the slums; I come from a hard background; I come from a poor family; and I was a soldier.
  5. Save your money. You’re going to need twice as much money in your old age as you think.
  6. If someone is very upper-class, you have a stereotype of him which is probably true. If someone has a working-class accent, you have no idea who you’re talking to.
  7. I started with the firm conviction that when I came to the end, I wanted to be regretting the things that I had done, not the things I hadn’t.
  8. I did everything. I ran my life exactly as I wanted to, all the time. I never listened to anybody. I’m pig-headed.
  9. I sit in a nice, comfortable chair and I read the script they want me to consider. I read the first page, then I read the last page, and if the part they want me to play is on both pages, I do the fucking picture.
  10. When you reach the top, that’s when the climb begins.



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