Design is a Job, 5 Quotes from Mike Monteiro

“Confidence doesn’t come from knowing you’re right—it comes from being okay with failing.”

“Make sure you’re consciously building the story you want to be telling. And make sure your story is compelling enough that your next client is excited to become a character in it.”

“Some designers try to apply the wisdom of Solomon by coming up with a solution so terrible the disagreeing parties have no choice but to finally agree. This never works. And they soon find themselves breathing life into Frankenstein’s monster. A designer should never put something in front of you they don’t stand by.”

“It’s all about content, people. Design is what holds it together. So before you drop a chunk of money and time on design, get some writers and content strategists. And beware of people who talk about “consuming content.” No one has ever woken up with the desire to consume content in their life.”

“Research makes it possible to do the right thing. You know who didn’t do research? The stupid little pigs that built their houses out of straw and sticks. They made a great stew. Build your house out of bricks.”


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