How to Grow Amazing Tomatoes this Summer

Hopefully, you’re starting to see some little green tomatoes forming on that plant in your vegetable garden. If you’ve been checking your calendar, it’s about 50 days since planting season and coming up on harvest time.

Here are 10 ways to grow amazing tomatoes according to the LA Times.

-Plant a second crop in June or July

-Choose sturdy seedlings that stand on their own

-Check underneath bigger plants to make sure the roots aren’t too big before the initial transfer into soil

-Let the small plants sit a few days before transplanting

-Use a cage or trellis for vine support

-Water deeply when the soil appears excessively dry

-Apply Epson salt or other natural pesticides

-Do your homework when it comes to proper soil

-Pick with care and don’t put in the fridge as it’s best for tomatoes to ripen on the counter

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